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Your local CJCC: Becoming more focused, sustainable, and representative of your local community (Spring 2023) 

25 days ago

A CJCC can have great influence on positive change in its community – but making sure you have the right mix of people at the table and are addressing the issues in a holistic approach is critical to the CJCC being seen as a legitimate institution that can be a change-maker. This session will explore how two jurisdictions chose to review their CJCC and the steps both sites made to implement change in their CJCC. Ensuring that your CJCC purpose and mission are reflective of the community served will allow it to be responsive to local justice system needs – especially in times of unrest and uncertainty – and will set a precedent for the occasional reexamination of the role of the CJCC in its community. The session will also briefly discuss the new national CJCC standards that NIC and JMI recently developed.

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